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Do you know what you do when you have become pregnant unexpectedly 2 months after your wedding in your early 20’s?

You look at the bright side.

You revel in the fact that you will be empty nesters before your friends.

You make a list.

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Last night was Ben and my “date night”… also known as the night we spend a couple of hours pretending we are our old selves. We dress up. I wear jewelry. We hold hands. I have a glass of wine. We look into each others eyes as we talk. I remember that life is bigger than me and Bo.

As we wined and dined, we began talking about all of the things we would do when our little birds flew the nest…

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We will go on a West Coast Road Trip from Vancouver all the way to Mexico.

We will travel to all of those distant places people long to go but never have the time to… Australia, New Zeeland, and Fiji.

We will hike the Rocky Mountains.

We will scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.

We will ski the Swiss Alps.

We will visit the Holy Lands of Israel.

We will go back to Italy and “redo” our honeymoon.

We will run a bed & breakfast in a quant town.

I will go to Fashion Week in New York (or Paris!).

Ben will play golf at Augusta.

I will open a gluten-free bakery.

Ben will survive alone on a deserted island.

I will compete in a Mud Run.

Ben will catch a Marlin.

I will write a book.

Ben will eat a real banana straight from the tree.

I will read the entire Bible.

Of course, we may never accomplish all of these things, but I am guessing we will accomplish some. So, if we ever look at each other after our kids are grown and gone and say, “well, what now?” we will have this list to get us started.

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And in the meantime, I will accomplish smaller victories…

I will bake a whole cake from scratch.

I will run a 5k.

I will start a blog (wink).

I will read the Bible daily.


What’s on your list?

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