Does anyone else recall the days of middle school, junior high, or high school when a week was set aside to showcase school spirit through a series of random (and rather absurd) themes? There was pajama day- the day that boys were thrilled that they were not only allowed but encouraged to literally roll out of bed and into school, and girls got up even earlier than usual in an attempt to somehow still look put-together wearing their cutest pair of drawstrings. Nerd day, wacky hair day, and superhero day all followed suite, each it’s own spectacular display of the students’ personalities. And finally it all culminated with spirit day, wherein students purchased school attire en masse boosting the revenue for sports equipment and school pride all in one fell swoop. The overarching idea of course was to bring the student body together at the beginning of a new school year and renew each one’s enthusiasm for another year of hard work and learning after the ever-to-short summer break. 

Well, here I sit in my twenties, married with a child, feeling like I am going through a bit of a “spirit week” myself. 

No, of course I’m not dressing up as a super hero or waving pom-poms (though some days I could certainly win the contest for pajama day and wacky hair day!) But I do feel a bit like I’m going through a stretch of time wherein my devotion to God is being renewed as I dive into a season of hard work after a long, self-indulgent “summer.”

Instead of daily themes, mine are closer to weekly (thanks to Bible Study Fellowship which has proven to be God’s main mouthpiece in my life for the past couple of months!). Between the lessons of motherhood, conversations, bible study, and life circumstance, the Holy Spirit is making these themes clear. Themes include: “submission”, “immediate obedience”, “resisting temptation”, “trusting vs. grumbling”, “daily commitment”, and “earthly vs. heavenly treasures.” The overarching idea is simple, but ever so complex and difficult: selflessness. 

Like the teenage girls on pajama day, during most themes I still find myself attempting to maintain my composure and learn the lessons without allowing them to impact my life. “Ya ya ya, I am called to submit to my husband.” But really, do I? What about when it comes to parenting, something I never knew I would feel so passionate about. Or “I know, I know, I am suppose to resist the temptation to sin.” But what about the ‘small’ sins, like complaining or self-indulgence? 

My “spirit week” is not as much fun as I recall the high school dress-up days, but I believe it is infinity more valuable and I am trying to remind myself that at the end comes “spirit day”… when my enthusiasm for this new season will be at its peak and I will wave my pom-poms like I just don’t care (about my own self-indulgent desires that is)!