Hello! My name is Jenna and I live in East Grand Rapids, Michigan with my hubby, Ben, and our two adorable boys, Boden now a toddler, and Fischer just a week old. Two years ago, I went from being a student and single lady living in a downtown apartment to a wife and mother living in a house, all in under a year! Now, I stay at home with Bo and Fisch and when I happen upon a few minutes of “me time” I love to cook, bake, write, read, and photograph. I also happen to be gluten-free, dairy-free, and “sugar-light” which influences my recipes.

The title “The Honeyed Home” is a reference to my desire to create an optimistic place where my family can dwell as well as of course the sweet sticky substance which often makes its way into my food! May be a bit cheesy, but I also find honey to be a great analogy for life…so sweet and yet a bit messy and sticky at times. My life is not perfect. I hope I am able to convey This blog is my way of sharing tidbits of my life that I hope will inspire, encourage, or otherwise benefit readers. Enjoy!